Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Picture of Channing Tatum with Fan on the Set of 'Fighting'

Thanks to Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan Bianca from New York, we get another great photo of Channing Tatum taking pictures with a fan on the set of his newest movie 'Fighting' when they filmed on 7th avenue between 54th and 55th street in New York City, NY.

Here's what Bianca had to say about her encounter with Chan and her close encounter with another CTU family member you may know:

I just wanted to say hiiii and tell you that I love everything you do for CTU! You do such a great job and I love reading everything you write! I'm such a huge fan of Channing!!!! Also thanks to you, I was on it last week and saw you posted where Channing would be filming his movie 'Fighting' and I walked to the set because I live in NYC. It was actually Monday October 15th...the same day you were there!

I got to see him in action and ended up getting the chance to meet him and take a picture with him. I was so excited...I never thought I'd actually get to meet him. He was soooo nice and down to earth...and extremely beautiful in person :) He was so cool and I loved how he introduced himself to me as Chan! ahh I see you're still on cloud 9 from meeting and spending the day with him...so am I!!!

Ironically, I am actually in Bianca's fan encounter picture, which is definitely an unusual occurrence. I was sitting behind and to the right of Channing in his set chair talking to Terrence Howard's mom who was also visiting set that day. To the left of Chan and Bianca, you can also see veteran actor Roger Guenveur Smith who I had the pleasure of talking to while Chan was filming.

Roger told me that he plays a character by the name of Jack in 'Fighting', who is the "money man" that funds the underground street fighting ring that Chan's character Shawn joins. He was on set that day to rehearse for scenes that he was going to film the next day with Channing and Terrence Howard. Roger also mentioned that his daughter is a huge fan of Chan's and had visited set recently just to see him. Roger has quite a long resume in television and film, and he can currently be seen in Denzel Washington and Russel Crow's movie 'American Gangster'.

If you have been lucky enough to take pictures with Channing, feel free to send them to sightings@channingtatumunwrapped.com along with your fan encounter story so I can share them with Channing's many fans around the world.

Thanks Bianca for letting me share your great photo with everyone!!!

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