Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New Exclusive Pictures of Channing Tatum Behind-the-Scenes on 'Fighting' Set

Through this blog, I have been extremely lucky to meet a ton of amazing people via the internet, and I'm not just talking about Channing Tatum, his mom, and his friends. I am also talking about the fans that take the time to read the blog everyday and who I have become friends with over the last 9 months.

As luck may have it, my new friend Max who is an established New York actor was cast as an extra on Channing's new movie 'Fighting' after I told him about one of the casting calls for the film. To return the favor, he promised to get me exclusive pictures with Channing on set, and I am happy to say that he is definitely a man of his word.

What you see here are some absolutely gorgeous pictures of Channing with Max and another person named Frank on the set where they filmed a club scene yesterday in the Chelsea area of New York, which is also where they are filming all day today (10/2).

Channing Tatum on the Set of 'Fighting'

Max and Channing on the Set of 'Fighting'

Frank and Channing on the Set of 'Fighting'

Max tells me he walked up to Channing and said,"I think you know my friend Quishe. She's the moderator of your official site Channingtatumunwrapped.com." He said Chan put on a big smile and said,"Wow, I have to meet her." (Well, I can definitely say that I have never agreed with Channing more!)

As if that wasn't enough to make me float on cloud nine (since as you all know I am a huge fan), Max then proceeded to tell Chan that I had told him about the casting and he wanted to return the favor with exclusive pictures for the site. A fact to which Chan says, "Heck yeah, man, of course."

Max also tells me what I've heard every single time fans encounter Channing Tatum on the streets, on the red carpet, on the set, or anywhere else for that matter. He said that Chan was "SO SO SO cool", really friendly, and totally happy to pose for pictures.

So here's to Max for taking the time to get these pictures for me, and a HUGE thanks to Channing for being his normal really cool self and letting Max fulfill his promise to me. You both ROCK and absolutely made my day week month!!! (I would say year, but Channing asking CTU to be his official website wins that hands down.) :-D

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Anonymous said...

OMG Quishe, dis is awesum, WOW!!!!
Thanx Max =]


Blog Expert said...

Yeah Naz, I'm pretty stoked about these pictures as you could imagine. It was so nice of Max to offer to get them and really sweet of Chan to allow him. I am one happy camper right now.

Anonymous said...

So u shud b, dis is amazing. Ur 1 lucky girl, n he wants 2 meet u, again WOW!!!


Anonymous said...

true! ahhhhhhh.awesome! and when Chan says that he has to meet u...thats more than true!so nice of Max and Chan!

Diana the crazy chanaholic

Anonymous said...

AHHHHH!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!! Thanks soooo much to Max for keeping his promis and of course to Chan who's this nice and took the photos!


P.s.: Quishe? Didn't we tell you you would meet him someday?? ;-)

cj° said...

cool man, wish I could meeeeet him :)

Tova L. said...

Very cool!! That's so awesome of him that he appreciates the hard work that you put into the site.

I love that he's not stuck up or anything.

I would have love to see him when he recently shot Step Up 2 in Baltimore, but I had no idea that they were filming it.

I did meet the Make Up artist who worked with him on his cameo in Step Up 2. She said he was really nice, cool and very tall!!