Monday, May 28, 2007

NEWS FLASH: 'Step Up 2' Says...Move On Channing Tatum and Make Way for Robert Hoffman

Here is a promotional picture from She's the Man showing Jonathan Sadowski, Robert Hoffman, Amanda Bynes, and Channing Tatum.

As I mentioned in my previous post about 'Step Up 2', I was pretty certain that Channing Tatum would probably not be reprising his role as Tyler in the Step Up sequel. Now I know for certain that my suspicions were correct.

I just heard that Robert Hoffman (Channing's rival and costar in She's the Man) will be playing the lead role in 'Step Up 2', which will start filming in about 8 weeks back at the Maryland School for the Arts in Baltimore. Robert confirmed this fact via a bulletin to his friends on MySpace. Also, a casting notice has gone out for principle casting in the DC/Baltimore area, so maybe they will find the next Jenna.

I actually don't mind this replacement for a few reasons.

  • First and foremost, Channing has a lot of incredible projects on his plate and I understand that he has moved on to greener pastures.

  • Robert (or Rob as his friends call him) is not bad on the eyes. He's no Channing, but that's a pretty high bar to reach anyway. :-)

  • Rob is also a well trained dancer who has years of hip-hop experience.

  • If you have seen him on Nick Cannon's Wild 'N Out, he is really funny and has awesome comedic timing. He was also very good in She's the Man.

  • Most importantly...he has a really cute girlfriend (Alice Greczyn of the TV show Windfall) who I am sure we will all be able to have endless relationship conversations about for many years to come.
So if you want to know a little bit more about the talented actor that is replacing Channing in the sequel, I of course am always her to ablige. Here is more than you ever wanted to know about Robert Hoffman...

Robert Hoffman Unwrapped

Birth Name: Robert James Hoffman III
Nickname: Rob
Birthdate: September 21, 1980
Height: 6' 2" (1.88 m)
Hometown: Gainsville, Florida
Girlfriend: Alice Greczyn

Some Movies/Shows You May Have Seen Him In:
  • You Got Served (2004)
  • Coach Carter (2005)
  • She's the Man (2006)
  • CSI: Miami (2006)
  • Nick Cannon's Wild 'N Out (2005 - 2006)
  • Nick Cannon's Short Circuitz (2007)

  • Has a brother and two sisters, all younger than him. Father is Robert Jr, mother is Charlotte, brother is Chris, and sisters are Ashley and Lauren.

  • Was born is Gainesville, Florida but moved to Madison, Alabama when he was 7.
  • Enjoys making short films (creating, writing, and directing them himself), and has a very large Internet audience via his Urban Ninja videos. You can find them on his websites and on YouTube.
  • He has a beautiful girlfriend by the name of Alice Greczyn who was one of the main characters in the short-lived TV series Windfall and who I have seen more recently on an episode of CSI: Miami.

  • Discovered his passion for dancing after seeing Michael Jackson's "Thriller."
  • Nick Cannon was good friends with one of his roommates, and he and Rob then became friends. It was through this friendship that Rob became a cast member on "Wild 'N Out'.
Let's recap on Robert Hoffman...
  • Cute (Check)
  • Good Dancer (Check)
  • Good Actor (Check)
  • Really Cute Girlfriend (Check)
I feel that they have found a suitable replacement for Channing, so I'm cool with the Step Up sequel casting choices so far. Hopefully they will continue on the same path and the movie might just escape the sequel curse.

UPDATE (August 15, 2007): An inside source reported exclusively to Channing Tatum Unwrapped that Channing Tatum has a cameo in 'Step Up 2: The Streets', so he is going to be in the film with Robert Hoffman and Briana Evigan as the leads. You can CLICK HERE to learn more and see exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos of Channing on the SU2 set.

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Amy said...

honestly, in my point of view, i cant really picture robert taking over channing's part. do you know if he is going to be tyler? if he is i just don't see it as being as amazing as step up was.

lynn said...

cute and funny (check) :)
i just love guys with a good sense of humor, i think we saw that side of him on She's the Man.
A very suitable replacement indeed!
But I'd prefer him to have his own story in a movie, like not in a sequel thing. so it'll be like a "rocket launch" not "launch launch" :)

Amy said...

does that mean that robert will be playing tyler gage? or will he be a new character? i hope there are all new characters.

Blog Expert said...

I don't know for sure yet, but I am hoping that they are all going to be new characters.

Anonymous said...

robert hoffman!!! I think he's cute. He can DANCE!! I saw him in You Got Served... he's GOOD!! Funny!!! omg!! He is hilarious in Nick Cannon's show! He's growing more and more as an actor so its a good thing he will be in Step Up 2. People love dancing movies so this one might be another hit.

Anonymous said...

If Channing and Jenna aren't going to be the lead roles again like in Step Up.. then I dont think I will see Step Up 2. I mean Robert Hoffman from You Got Served is a great dancer but he's better off as a regular character. Make him a rival character that put Channing and Jenna skills to the test. =]

Anonymous said...

It is going to be all new characters...more hip-hop dancing and breakdancing. Robert Hoffman is a good actor and I think the movie will be a hit. All of the castings they have had were for bgirls and bboys only. So....that should ensure some good dancing and entertainment. It would be cool if they had a really good bgirl play the lead role. Peace!

Anonymous said...

sup im DJ i thnk if channing aint in step up 2 then that movie sucks i mean whats a movie without channing tatum and jenna , u no it wouldnt be to good what r those directors thinking, oh well chans new movies coming out anyway so we will all c his pretty face again
hoffman seems ok i guess hes no channing tatum tho
lol later

margin05 said...

does anyone know where to buy the rocawear black and white hoodie that tatum wore in step up 2

Blog Expert said...

All I know about it is that the stylist from the movie said that it was made by Nike, so it's not Rocawear.