Thursday, May 31, 2007

NEWS FLASH: Channing Tatum's Movie 'Poor Things' Will Be Lindsay Lohan's First Project After Rehab

It seems that Lindsay Lohan IS going to be Channing Tatum's co-star in their new movie Poor Things. As a matter of a fact, it will be her first project right after she is allowed to leave Promises in Malibu, which is conveniently right down the street from where the movie will be filming in Los Angeles, California.

People.com says the producers of Poor Things told them on Wednesday that they plan to keep Lindsay Lohan on the cast and are going to juggle the shooting schedule to accommodate her stay in rehab.

The producers, which includes acting veteran Shirley MacLaine, released a statement saying they are going comply with Lindsay's wishes to continue working on Channing's new dark comedy Poor Things. They are currently trying to rearrange the shooting schedule to facilitate her working at the end of the shoot to coincide with the completion of her rehabilitation.

I believe in good karma and I hope this movie gets a lot of it for continuing to support LiLo in an extremely tough time. It would have made business sense to cut her loose, but they chose to be forgiving instead.

Let's just hope that Lindsay does whatever she has to do to recover, exits rehab a much healthier person, and does all she can to redeem herself for her sake and for the sake of everyone on the Poor Things cast and crew.

Source: People.com

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