Thursday, May 10, 2007

CTU NEWS: Channing Tatum Magazine Scans from People and Interview Magazine Added to Photo Gallery

In case you have not noticed, I have added new magazine scans to the new Magazine Scan Set in the Channing Tatum Unwrapped Photo Gallery. You can now find Channing Tatum's October 23, 2006 People Magazine article where we learn Channing's favorite food, his mom's nickname for him, and his favorite movie. I also added both pages of his April 2006 Interview Magaine article where Shia Labeouff interviews Channing and we learn which two actors Channing is modeling himself after. Enjoy!

Channing Tatum's People Magazine Article

Channing Tatum's Interview Magazine Article

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1 comment:

Co said...

OMG Channing is so hot! I would love it if I had the chance to meet him in real life. Let me know if there actually is an opportunity. Love Channing Tatum Fan