Thursday, May 31, 2007

NEWS FLASH: Channing Tatum's Movie Stop-Loss Gets Screened in New York

Here is a picture of Channing Tatum on the set with one of his castmates from his upcoming movie Stop-Loss.

Often unreleased movies will hold advanced screenings (generally in Los Angeles or New York) to test the audience reaction and then possibly make changes to the movie prior to the official release (if the crowd response is not what they wanted). In some cases, they will even reshoot scenes to get a more favorable reaction from an audience.

Via an IMDB poster, I have learned that Channing Tatum and Ryan Phillippe's much anticipated movie Stop-Loss had such a screening in New York a week or so ago. Although the poster was hoping for the ending to be a little different, the person who attended the advanced movie screening thought that Stop-Loss was a very good and thought provoking film.

All of the rest of us who are not as lucky will have to wait until October to see it in the US theaters. I ran into a person who was an extra on the movie and he said that he also heard that the film may release on October 7, 2007 as I had previously posted.

The only problem with that date is that it is a Sunday and most movies don't release on Sundays, so hopefully the movie will make an official announcement soon. And I am really hoping that they will launch their official website soon so we can get more stills from the film.

To recap, based on the information I have so far, there is a good chance that Channing's movie Stop-Loss will release in the US some time in October and we know that the film will release internationally starting in November.

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