Thursday, January 24, 2008

NEWS FLASH: Channing Tatum's 'Stanford Prison Experiment' Wins Legal Battle, But Loses Writer's Strike War

It’s been a long while since we’ve heard anything new about Channing Tatum’s upcoming movie ‘The Stanford Prison Experiment’, which is based on the 1971 real-life psychological study performed by Emeritus Psychology Professor Philip Zimbardo of Stanford.

The experiment used students to play the roles of prison guards and prisoners to study the use and abuse of power in humans and to examine how good people can be corrupted in bad situations. Zimbardo was forced to end the study earlier than planned when the experiment got out of control.

The Associated Press recently reported that the film has been on hold pending the resolution of a lawsuit between Maverick Films (a Los Angeles-based production company founded by Madonna and husband Guy Oseary in 2001) and Beverly Hills-based Inferno Distribution.

Maverick sued Inferno in October 2006, saying that Inferno unfairly represented itself to gain access to confidential information about ‘The Stanford Prison Experiment’. Inferno lodged a countersuit in December 2006, alleging that Maverick engaged in slander, unfair competition and interference with contractual relations.

Last Wednesday (January 16, 2008) , the two parties agreed to settle the case out of court, which now opens the door for Maverick to start filming the movie that was written by Oscar-winning writer and director Christopher McQuarrie. In addition to Channing Tatum, the film is also rumored to star Ryan Phillippe, Kieran Culkin, Paul Dano, Jesse Eisenberg, Charlie Hunnam, Giovanni Ribisi, Dylan Purcell and Benjamin McKenzie.

The movie was supposed to start filming this month in Palo Alto, California at Stanford University and in Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada. So will fans soon see Channing Tatum matriculating on the campus of Stanford or hanging out in Regina?

The truth of the matter is, Maverick can now legally make the movie, but much like most of the films in pre-production right now, the WGA writer’s strike sadly has temporarily halted the production on this film too. Hopefully some sort of agreement will be made soon so the entertainment industry can get back on track and everyone affected by the almost 3 month old strike can get back to work.

Stay tuned to Channing Tatum Unwrapped, and as always, I’ll keep you posted on any further developments on Channing’s upcoming films.

Source: CBSNews.com, Stanford Daily

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Alex said...

Will the Writer's Strike please end soon? Can the "big" people stop being so greedy? Come on! This isn't worth it. Just give in to the writers! They do a lot of work too! I know being a fellow writer myself.