Saturday, January 5, 2008

NEWS FLASH: New Channing Tatum Interview on the Set of 'Fighting' from ReelzChannel.com

By my calculation, it's been almost a year since we've seen a new video interview from Channing Tatum, so it's my pleasure to let you know about a new interview for his upcoming movie 'Fighting' via the movie site ReelzChannel.com.

ReelzChannel.com has a show called Dailies which "airs" online weekdays at 6PM Eastern. It's a daily news and information program focused entirely on movies in the theater, on DVD, Pay-Per-View, or Video-On-Demand. Their goal is to bring us fans exclusive clips, news, and stories from the movie world that you won't see on other networks. They also want to get information from the inside and tell it like it is in a well-informed, but fun, fashion.

In this new interview we get to see both Channing Tatum and Director Dito Montiel talk about their New York-based film, 'Fighting', and we get some great footage of a shirtless :-) Channing Tatum getting ready to film one of the movie's well choreographed and extremely realistic three fight scenes.

CLICK HERE to check out the new interview or you can watch it below:

This final fight scene they are filming in the interview above also happens to be the same one that actor Steve Dinello filmed with Channing. In a recent CTU exclusive interview, Steve was nice enough to share with all of us what it's like to work with Channing Tatum.

You can click here to read the article, and you can also check out the Channing Tatum Unwrapped photo gallery for more behind-the-scenes photos in what is called the "Penthouse" set. The "Penthouse" location at 150 Nassau Street is a 23-story building directly across from the entrance to New York's Pace University. The large suite has a gorgeous view that overlooks both New York's City Hall and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Thanks to Paulette at Focus Features for letting me know about the awesome new interview!!

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Naz said...


Bin wayyy 2 long 4 sumit new lyk dis, well worth it tho =]

Allison said...

(OMG CHAN TOPLESS, HUBBA HUBBA!!)AGREED SNAZ!! lol deff. loved this one! hehe =] cant wait to see that movie!