Thursday, January 3, 2008

AROUND THE WORLD: Check Out New 'Step Up 2: The Streets' Posters and Trailer from Russia

Thanks to Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan Diana and the Russian web site Filmz.ru we now have a first look at two new high quality Russian posters and the Russian trailer for 'Step Up 2: The Streets', the highly-anticipated sequel to 2006's 'Step Up'.

I have also added three new songs from the SU2 soundtrack to the CTU MP3 player. You can CLICK HERE to see a complete list of the songs on the 'Step Up 2: The Streets' soundtrack. You can now listen to 112's "Work", Danity Kane's "Phase" and Cherish's "Killa" on the player below and on the left sidebar of each page of the blog.

Below you can also check out the Russian trailer for 'Step Up 2: The Streets':

'Step Up 2: The Streets' (aka 'Шаг вперед 2: улицы') will have its theatrical release in the Russia on February 28, 2008.

Here are the current release dates for 'Step Up 2: The Streets' around the world:
  • USA – February 14, 2008
  • Czech Republic – February 14, 2008
  • UK – February 15, 2008
  • Belgium - February 20, 2008
  • Netherlands – February 21, 2008
  • Russia - February 28, 2008
  • Italy - March 2008
  • Germany – March 6, 2008 (DATE MOVED UP)
  • Slovakia – March 18, 2008
  • France – April 23, 2008
In case you haven't seen it yet or just need to see it again, you can also CLICK HERE to watch Channing Tatum, Robert Hoffman, and Briana Evigan in the English version of the new 'Step Up 2: The Streets' trailer!!!

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Allison said...

i wanna see that movie SOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD! yay cant wait to watch chan's cameo!