Sunday, January 20, 2008

NEWS FLASH: Channing Tatum's Movie 'Stop-Loss' Releases New Website

It's seems that something's in the water. In addition to 'Step Up 2', another one of Channing Tatum's upcoming movies has overhauled their website in preparation for their impending theatrical release.

To coincide with the new movie poster, 'Stop-Loss' just released a new official site. They redesigned the look and feel of the homepage, reorganized the comments in the 'Sound Off' section, posted new videos of director Kimberly Peirce answering questions during the screening tour, and added a 'Next Steps' section to show people how they can get involved by helping our soldiers and their families.

In the new Q&A Videos from the movie screenings, we get the opportunity to hear director Kimberly Peirce answer the following commonly asked questions about the film:

One of of the major messages of the film is to support our troops, so I think it's great they have now added the new 'Next Steps' section to the site where you will find links to organizations that directly support American soldiers and those affected by the war in the following ways:
  • Donate Directly to Soldiers
  • Send Care Packages to Troops
  • Send Supplies to Troops
  • Help Troops Contact Home
  • Give Books to soldiers
  • Help Vets Transition to Life Back Home
  • Help Physically/Mentally Wounded Vets
  • Help the Children of Iraq
The 'Stop-Loss' production team has really added some great information to the official site, so make sure to check it out!!!

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