Saturday, December 1, 2007

CTU IN THE NEWS: Channing Tatum Unwrapped's Article Resurfaces on JustJared.com

I was patrolling the internet, as I usually do every morning, and ran across this article and photo that looked vaguely familiar.

I noticed that JustJared.com ran my story from Tuesday about Channing Tatum and his girlfriend Jenna Dewan meeting and taking a picture with fans in the Salt Lake City airport.

From what I understand, Chan was visiting Jenna for the week while she works on her current film "The Jerk Theory" in Utah.

One of my biggest goals with CTU is to promote Chan to a broad audience online, because that's where many of his current and future fans hang out. JustJared.com has millions of readers each month, so I'm always happy to see my articles get legs and end up on sites like his.

This particular article was a great one to get picked up, because it's really good for people to know how awesome Chan is with his fans (whether it's at an official event or if he runs into people in his personal time).

It goes without saying that CTU readers all know how great Channing Tatum is to his fans, but now all of JustJared.com's millions of readers will know it too.


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