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What's It Really Like to Work with Channing Tatum?

Who in their right mind wouldn't LOVE to work with Channing Tatum?

Well, thanks to actor and Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan Steve DiNello, we have an opportunity to learn what it's like working with the talented actor CTU readers know and love.

Steve, who has been in numerous feature and independent films and television productions during his 11 year acting career, recently worked with Channing as an extra on his film 'Fighting', which just wrapped some time before Thanksgiving.

Although he has to keep his lips sealed on any specifics about the movie, you can get the CTU exclusive inside scoop on Steve and what it was like for him to work with his idol and our favorite actor in general...

1) Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Steve DiNello, I am a 27 year old Actor and Former Model. I was born and raised in Connecticut. I started pursuing a career in modeling first, and still continued to do so over the years while acting as well but I really started acting when I was age 16. I’m Catholic and proud of it. I am a very open and honest person. I come from a modest, hard working, middle class family. I am hard working and dedicated myself. I’ve always loved acting ever since I was a kid and like many actors, I’ve worked numerous jobs while at the same time pursuing my dream career to become a successful actor.

I know this sounds corny......The real reason I want to make it in this business is to help people. Of course I also love this career with a passion, but I also love people and so I can’t think of a more rewarding career and way to live my life than to set a good example for all generations, both young and old alike, by using my career to help make a difference in the world and in the lives of many. I have a long way to go but definitely look forward to continuously pursuing and achieving that goal one day. So far, I feel that I have come along way on my own and have enjoyed the privilege of doing quite a few projects and with quite a few celebrities too!

2) Can you tell me what it's like to work with Channing Tatum?
Absolutely phenomenal! He is such a great person to work with and hang out with on set. There is so much you can learn from him by watching him work. He is one hell of a hard worker. He is also one of the most down to earth and friendly celebrities that I have ever had the privilege to meet and work with. He is extremely funny and charismatic on set but when the cameras start rolling, he is totally dedicated, serious, and in the zone!

He has amazing talents and is a real people person but whats different about him is that its all real and genuine. He is honest, caring and genuine...its not just a front for public image. Its amazing how someone can come so far in this business and yet, has not let the business turn him cold, reserved, or detached in any way. He is always willing to help someone out, talk to an extra, talk to a fan, etc. He is just a happy guy who seems to skate through his job with tremendous ease and grace. There are so many great things I can say about my experience with him but we don’t have 2 hours lol. It was a pleasure to work with him and see him in action. Very few people have had such a positive impact on me in my life and he is one of them. I would love to become friends with him and to work with him again one day, next time as a supporting role.

3) Why do you admire Channing as an actor?
Well, from the short time I spent speaking with him and working on set with him, I came to learn that he and I seem to have a lot in common from personality to common interests. I have also watched his career now for years and always saw such great potential in him. Especially while I was in pursuit of a modeling career and even more so now that he is an actor. I admire his work, I haven’t seen a movie that he was in that wasn’t great yet. I also love how he is careful in the roles that he chooses to take on an those roles are always strong roles that have an important message to convey to the world. They have a strong impact, now that's putting your talents and career to good use as far as making a difference in this world.

Watching him and others like him flourish in their careers always helped to keep me on track and give me both inspiration and motivation. As long as I have people like Channing Tatum and others like him to act as role models and who I can learn from and look up to and aspire to be, then I’ll never have to go it alone. These are some of the reasons why I admire Channing Tatum. How could you not admire someone like him?

4) If you could describe Channing in one word, how would you describe him?
I’m sorry, but there is no way I can use just one word to describe Channing Tatum! I don’t think that there is even a word in existence that even comes close to embodying all that Chan is. Honestly, He is a God-Send, Remarkable, Captivating, Inspiring, Kind, Caring.....He is just one of the most amazing people I have ever had the privilege to meet and work with and absolutely one of my most cherished life memories to date....he’s that great of a person. I only hope to be at least 10% of the person he is one day as both an actor and a human being. You really have to meet him in person to understand where people like you and I (because I know you also had the chance to hang out with and interview him) are coming from.

5) What’s next for you?
Well, currently I am working on an independent film called “Vengence” produced by Arch Guardian Productions and Directed by Robert Divito and Jon Gelabert. I play a lead role, a character named “Chavo”. Aside from that, I am currently waiting to hear back about a few other projects that are in the works and some of which have been delayed by the Writers Strike. One of them I already told you about earlier....a project that I feel, although it would be a serious challenge for me, I would be very happy to take on.

Next year you will also be able to see Steve DiNello in Disney's 'College Road Trip' with Martin Lawrence and Raven-Symoné, in acclaimed director Sam Mendes's 'Revolutionary Road' with reunited co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, and of course in Channing Tatum's 'Fighting'.

I really would like to give a huge thanks you to Steve DiNello for taking the time to share his experience with me and Channing's fans around the world. Everyone can also CLICK HERE to take a look at all of the pictures for Channing Tatum's 'Fighting' in the Channing Tatum Unwrapped Photo Gallery.

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