Friday, April 25, 2008

REMINDER: Channing Tatum's Movie 'Stop-Loss' Premieres in the UK and Ireland TODAY!!!

I just wanted to remind all of Channing Tatum's UK and Ireland fans that his drama 'Stop-Loss' premieres in your country TODAY!!!

I found the poster on the left on a UK site. As you can see, it's a little different than the poster that was released in the US.

The production team has also created a separate official site for the movie. You can CLICK HERE or on the image below to check out the UK version of 'Stop-Loss's official site.

Since the UK site does not include the Sound Off section where 'Stop-Loss' director Kimberly Peirce answers fan questions about the movie and more, you can still head on over to the original site to take part in that community.

You can also check out an interview with Channing Tatum and Ryan Phillippe from a UK outlet on the red carpet of the US premiere back in March:

Channing Tatum and Ryan Phillippe's 'Stop-Loss' will next premiere in Belgium on May 7, 2008, Australia on May 8, 2008, and Spain on May 9, 2008. You can CLICK HERE to find all of the current release dates for the film.

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