Sunday, April 20, 2008

NEWS FLASH: New DVD Release Date for Channing Tatum's 'Step Up 2: The Streets'

Since the day Channing Tatum's highly-successful dance film 'Step Up 2: The Streets' hit theaters, people have been asking me about the DVD release date.

I'm happy to be able to tell you that 'Step Up 2: The Streets' is going to hit a store near you on July 15, 2008.

I'm so excited that we'll finally be able to watch all of those extremely hot dance scenes (including Chan's awesome cameo) over and over again. And from what the film's director Jon M. Chu has told me, the DVD is going to have tons of extras that all of us fans will love.

Stay tuned to Channing Tatum Unwrapped, because I'll definitely be giving away free copies of the DVD to CTU readers when it's released this summer.

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1 comment:

NazK said...

Da UK version best ave all dem xtras, or der will b trouble ahead!!