Thursday, April 3, 2008

March MAN-ness...Fans Help Channing Tatum Break Into KJ103's "Fine 4"

Congrats to all of Channing Tatum's Fabulous Fans all around the world who voted for him (continuously in many cases) all day yesterday in KJ103's March MAN-ness contest where we're helping them choose the Hottest Man on the Planet for 2008 (aka Channing Matthew Tatum).

You all proved that Channing Tatum's fans are a force to be reckoned with yesterday. Believe it or not, Chan started off the day with approximately 20% of the votes. That's until his fans started voting from every corner of the globe. Because of you all, Chan has now made it into the Fine 4 and I couldn't be more proud!!!

Ironically, he's been pitted (pun intended) against fellow hottie and Angelina Jolie squeeze Brad Pitt, the one actor that Channing is most often compared to in the press. Don't believe me? You can CLICK HERE to see some examples of that common comparison.

After being chosen for the top 64, Chan has now beat Amaury Nolasco to get into the Tempting 32, Taye Diggs to make it into the Sexy 16, Orlando bloom to get into the Exciting 8, and Gale Arnold to make it into the Fine 4.

Now we all need to help our favorite actor defeat the ever popular Brad Pitt so Chan can make it into the final round. You have until midnight on Sunday, April 6, 2008 to vote, so keep those votes coming in and show the world what Channing's fans are made of.

Here's the most important part...In order for your vote to count, you HAVE to vote for both the "Chan vs. Brad" AND the "Paul Walker vs. Wentworth Miller" polls. You know you're done voting when you get the Thank You page with a link at the bottom that will allow you to vote again. More importantly, please do not just refresh Channing's page and vote, because that actually counts against him. Feel free to VOTE as many times as possible through midnight on Sunday!!!

Thanks in advance for your support!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you again for reminding all Chan Fans to vote. I am so very proud to be considered part of the CTU Family. There were several of us that voted ALL DAY LONG yesterday from all over the world! Thank you again!
Chan's #1 fan in Oklahoma!!

Marlie said...

A force to be reckoned with indeed... Chan's fans in action...with Naz and Jan leading the crew.

*Hands out cookies*

Now where is our stickers so we can place them on our foreheads...

NazK said...

Chan is reli lucky 2 ave a gr8 group of fans, 4m all ova da world who gav up der day 2 make sre he made it 2 da nxt round. Imma so proud of evry1 who stayd n votd most part of da day, I kno it woznt easy bt it is def worth it knowin coz of us, Chan has made it 2 da nxt round. I 4 1 kno dat, if we all pull 2getha lyk we did yesterday, we can push Chan 2 da nxt round n win da contest. Its bout tym da world knos wot we've always known, Chan IS da HOTTEST man ALIVE!! Its bout tym Chan gets his due. Ere's 2 all Chanaholics, well don! *applauds*

No1 Crazy Obsessed Fan 4m London

Anonymous said...

omg!! yall did it!! yeah!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow I'm glad everyone started early this time. I guess we've learned from the last round :) Hopefully it won't be as close.


Anonymous said...

Oke... I really don't have the time to vote as often as u probably did... BUT DAMN!! HE HAS TO WIN!!! ^^ I'm gonna force my sister to vote for him ALL DAY LONG!!! XD

Love yaaaa!

Anonymous said...

ok guys it's 85.25%, I'm going to bed so over to you all on the other side of the world :)GO CHAN!!!


Anonymous said...

haha yeah Chan's fans are a force not to be messed with cuz ya will be DEFEATED! this is a great example of how far chans fans will go for him to be NUMBER 1! great job to everyone who contributed! leave it up to us and he will be winning this competition!


Anonymous said...

Chan is kicking Brad's ass! Go Chan!

NazK said...

Always kne dat crazy obsessed fans will cme in handy 1day, n guess whaa, dis is da tym. Chan IS gona win da Hottest Man Alive contest, ders no doubt bout it, he has us 2 make sre!!