Saturday, March 22, 2008

REMINDER: Channing Tatum's Movie 'Step Up 2: The Streets' Premieres in Australia, the UK, and Romania

I just wanted to remind all of the Fabulous Channing Tatum Fans in Australia, the UK, and Romania that Channing Tatum's movie 'Step Up 2: The Streets' has finally premiered in your countries.

All of my Aussie readers can get more information on the movie on their official Australian MySpace page. I also found this awesome contest where 'Step Up 2' fans in Australia can get a ton of cool prizes from Girlfriend.com.au. Here's what Girlfriend.com.au says you can win in the contest:

  • $1000 worth of dance classes
  • A cute new outfit to bust the move in, you’ll get: a hoodie, hotpants, sweatband and ring
  • The awesome new STEP UP 2 THE STREETS soundtrack
  • PLUS the all new special edition of the original Step Up on DVD
  • You’ll also get a fully catered private theatrette screening of STEP UP 2 THE STREETS for you and 20 of your best friends. As well as STEP UP TO THE STREETS merchandise for each of you!
The Girlfriend.com.au contest ends April 2, 2008, so you still have time to enter. You can CLICK HERE to learn more about the contest's terms and conditions, and you can CLICK HERE to enter. Good luck!!!

In addition to Australia, 'Step Up 2: The Streets' also debuted in the UK and in Romania this week. You can get more information about show times in the UK on the site Screen Rush.

You can also download the Romanian poster for 'Step Up 2' (aka Dansul Dragostei 2) to the right.

Finally, if you want a really good laugh, check out the hilarious SU2-inspired video that director Jon Chu recently posted on his MySpace blog. It's a really funny rendition of Step Up 2' done completely with sock puppets. CLICK HERE to check it out!!!

'Step Up 2: The Streets' will next premiere in Croatia on March 27, 2008. You can CLICK HERE to get all of the current release dates around the world and to check out the movie's trailer.

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