Saturday, March 15, 2008

IN THE PRESS: Channing Tatum and Girlfriend Jenna Dewan in This Week's US Weekly Magazine

Entertainment mag US Weekly is kind of my guilty pleasure each week, and for reasons I'll explain in a second, it was cool to see an article about Channing Tatum and his extremely sweet girlfriend of 3 years, Jenna Dewan, in this week's issue.

In the article we learn from Jenna's dad how much the adorable couple loves each other and how much her family loves Channing (who can blame them), and from Jenna we learn how happy she is with a new puppy named Meeka that Chan gave her for her last birthday in December. Chan had mentioned to me in October how much Jenna really wanted a dog, so I'm glad to see she finally got it.

In my little world here in Texas, I'm so far removed from Hollywood, it's kind of ridiculous, so I found it ironic that I actually know a little bit about the origins of this particular US Weekly article that features a photo from the Bahamas vacation that Chan and Jenna took last summer.

So here's why this article was even more interesting to me than usual...

I now truly believe that it's a small world, because strangely enough, I kind of knew about the article before it ever hit newsstands. I met a paparazzi while standing in the 'Battle in Seattle' line outside of the Paramount theater at the South by Southwest film festival last Monday in Austin.

In addition to saying how much he liked Channing's new photoshoot in the March 2008 issue of Vogue, the UK-based Rex Features photog mentioned that he had recently been on a plane with Jenna Dewan's father. Since the paparazzi's girlfriend worked for US Weekly, the good boyfriend called her when they landed, and Jenna's dad was nice enough to talk to her. It's my assumption that the phone conversation may have resulted in Chan and Jenna being featured in the popular Loves Lives section of the magazine this week.

You can click on the image above to read the article. You can also find Channing and Jenna's article on page 48 of the March 24, 2008 issue of US Weekly magazine, which is on newsstands right now.

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Anna, Australia said...

Wow that's so sweet. I'm soooo happy for both of them. They truely deserve each other. Go Chenna :)

Kate said...

US Weekly is my guilty pleasure as well. I wish it would have been a new pic but still good to see them in fav mag.