Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Channing Tatum Unwrapped Goes to 'Stop-Loss' Screening and Brings Back Even More FREE Passes and A Rare Video

Here's a photo of some of Channing Tatum's Fabulous fans from last night's private screening in Houston, Texas of his highly-anticipated movie 'Stop-Loss'. Sorry for the blurriness. I realized afterwards that I had my camera on the wrong setting, but with the huge poster behind us, I figured you would get the gist.

We all had a really great time, and I would like to thank everyone for coming out to watch the film. I also want to thank Paramount and the promotional team at Levenson and Hill for the red carpet treatment at the event.

It was great to see the movie again, and I have now chosen my two favorite scenes. I love the scene where Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt shoot up Joe's character's wedding gifts with their friends, specifically when Chan's hung over character Steve shows us his sharpshooting skills. The scene is funny and sad and sexy all at the same time, and there's just something about a man that handle a gun like that.

ANYWAY...my other favorite is the final scene of the movie. After watching the film for a second time, I realized that this particular scene had no dialogue, but was extremely powerful. The cast had to make you understand what they were going through with only their facial expressions and gestures. For me, it was impossible to not be affected by their circumstances, and I think that's one of the major components of a good movie. 'Stop-Loss' is one of those films that stays with you long after you leave the theater.

When I was at the screening, I met the executive producer from a local TV show called Salsa TV, and Robert was nice enough to give me some more free screening passes for 'Stop-Loss'. Here's all of the information for tomorrow's early, FREE screening of the movie in Houston:

'Stop-Loss' FREE Screening
(Houston, Texas)

  • Movie Screening Date: Thursday, March 27, 2008

  • Send Ticket Request to Channing Tatum Unwrapped: CLICK HERE
He actually gave me the passes, because Channing was interviewed by their show when he was promoting 'Step Up' back in 2006 and made a really good impression on Robert. To my surprise, he mentioned he had a video of Chan giving a shout out to their show and that he would re-post it on their website for me. True to his word, Robert had the video added to the homepage of their website today.

Below you can check out Chan trying his best to give a shout out to the Salsa TV show in Spanish. (Flashback to the Casper Martinez video from the wrap party of his upcoming film 'Fighting' where Chan tried to speak Spanish.) He may not have totally pulled it off, but like in Casper 's video, Chan's attempt is truly adorable. You'll find his shout out to Salsa TV in seconds 23 - 35 of the video:

Robert also said their show did some interviews with the 'Step Up 2:The Streets' cast and crew last month, so I'll be posting those videos soon too. Big thanks to Robert for reposting the video and for the free passes!!!

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NazK said...

Dat vid is jus 2 cute, poor Chan, its a gd fing he luks gr8 =]

Anonymous said...

Chan is Hotter then SalsaTV !!!


Anonymous said...

lol wow i am so proud of him for trying!!! lol and no chan u did not butcher that completely :/ lol great job! that made my day! that has to be just about the cutest thing i have seen all week! AWWWWWWWW!!!!!


Marlie said...

Chan in his undies AND handling a gun!? that is hawt!

AWW Chan good job!! you get an E for effort =] lol I can tutor ya if you want.

P.S. cute outift Quishe!!!

Blog Expert said...

Thanks, Marlie!

- Q

Marlie said...

Welcome =]

Alex said...

It says the video is no longer available. Wth!