Friday, September 18, 2009

NEWS FLASH: Jenna Dewan's 'Falling Awake' Gets Picked Up by IFC

Poster for Jenna Dewan's 'Falling Awake'

After making the film festival rounds, Jenna Dewan's independent film 'Falling Awake' was scheduled to have a limited released in select theaters in New York City, Miami and Puerto Rico on September 18, 2009. I was excited to learn today that the film has now been picked up by the Independent Film Channel (aka IFC). The movie will release on a later date, but I and many other fans that may or may not live in the above-mentioned cities will now be able to watch 'Falling Awake' when it hits the small screen.

Here's what the film's all about...

Jenna Dewan in 'Falling Awake' "'Falling Awake' is the powerful story of Jay (Andrew Cisneros), a young man struggling to find his identity in The Bronx in a house crowded with family members and a neighborhood filled with loyal friends and dangerous enemies. A gifted musician, Jay hopes to leave it all and pursue his dream of composing and performing music. Once he meets Alessandra (Jenna Dewan), a beautiful young woman who lives in Brooklyn, his determination to defy the expectations of his frustrated, angry father become even stronger.

Jay is tied to his home through loyalty to his friends and to his brother, who has returned unexpectedly from service in the Marines. As he reaches toward a wider world, he is pulled back over and over by the cycles of anger and violence that have defined his life and neighborhood for so long. It takes love, a change of heart and a new understanding of life's elusive chance at happiness to finally help Jay make the long, uncertain leap to a fresh chance."

You can also check out Jenna in the powerful new trailer for the film below:

'Falling Awake' is directed by Agustin, produced by Andrew Adelson, and is Mega Films first English-language film. In addition to starring Jenna Dewan, the movie also introduces the talented Mexican-American actor/singer/songwriter Andrew Cisneros. Other notable cast members include Nestor Serrano ('Bad Boys', '24'), Julie Carmen ('The Milagro Beanfield War'), Nicholas Gonzalez ('Resurrection Boulevard'), Flaco Navaja ('Fighting'), Michael Rivera ('Fighting') and rap artist Kazi Rolle. The movie also features original music by Kevin Stuart and Andrew Cisnero.

"This film is about real people, real everyday struggles, and real love," said Agustin, the film's director and writer. "I knew the Bronx would be a natural setting that speaks to people no matter where they're from. We had an amazing experience making this movie and I hope audiences will feel the emotion and truth in it when they see the film."

Congrats to Jenna and the entire 'Falling Awake' cast and crew for getting picked up by the Independent Film Channel!!!

You can learn a lot more about the film on it's official Facebook profile and website, and you'll find more promotional photos from the film in the CTU Photo Gallery.

On a side note, if you click on the BLOG link on the movie's official website, it ironically links to my last CTU article on the movie. The director of the film even left a message for Chan and Jenna. If that doesn't mean CTU is one of the best sources for news on the film, I don't know what does. Stay tuned!!! ;-)

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