Sunday, August 31, 2008

CTU NEWS: Happy Birthday to Channing Tatum's Fabulous Fans!!!

Happy Birthday from Channing Tatum Unwrapped!!!


to the following Fabulous Fan's who have August birthdays:

Jenna W. - Jacksonville, Florida
Cammie W. - Dale City, Virginia
Karol N. - Red Oak, Texas
Vanessa - Fresno, California
Megan E. - Covert, Michigan
Kristen S. - Cheektowaga, New York
Corina B. - Fairfield, California
Kaiti S. - Rockford, Illinois
Shawn A. - Freeport, Florida
Angela A. - Ponca City, Oklahoma
Marci G. - Santa Marla, California
Heidi - Orlando, Florida
Melissa D. - Phoenix, Arizona
Christie R. - Hatillo, Puerto Rico
Kayla C. - Watertown, New York
Jennifer R. - Johnston, Rhode Island
Jillian S. - Sacramento, California
Hannah P. - Woburn, Massachusetts
Katelind B. - New Middletown, Ohio
Keli H. - Williamstown, New Jersey
Megan T. - Terre Haute, Indiana
Jozee L.
Angela Z.
Juanita F.
Kelly S.
Debbie M.
And all of the other Fabulous Fans with August birthdays!!!!

The lucky winner of the autographed photo of Channing Tatum is...

KELI H. from Williamstown, New Jersey

If you would like to get a birthday shout out from CTU or you would like CTU to give a birthday shout out to a friend of yours, please send an email to fanbirthdays@channingtatumunwrapped.com with "BIRTHDAY" in the Subject and the birthday person's name, mailing address, and birth date in the body of the email. Also, please send a separate email for each birthday you're submitting.

Each month, I will make a post recognizing all of the fan birthdays for that month, and one lucky fan on the list will win an autographed picture of Channing Tatum. Don't miss out on your chance and send in your submissions today!!!

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