Friday, July 3, 2009

CTU NEWS: Happy Birthday to Channing Tatum's Fabulous Fans!!!

Happy Birthday from Channing Tatum Unwrapped!!!

to the following Fabulous Fans and Fan Club Members who have June birthdays:


Sonia C.
Angus C.
Jeanine G.
Crystal H.
Lisa P.
Gabrielle C.
Jill B.
Michele R.
Celebrity B.
Curtis P.
Marquita P.
Kim S.
Hannah R.
Ashley I.
Navkiran T.
Shawn D.
Mi A.
Jill M.
Tracy D.
Jeremy M.
Adriana A.
Jolene G.
Jasmine S.
Fabiane O.
Chelsea G.
Yuri B.
Kerry D.
Angel B.
Alex G.
Kayla F.
Ashley M.
Sydney R.
Vanessa A.
Tatiane C. E.
Sarah W.
Lauren P.
Hashini K.
Naomi L.
Stuart G.
Clifton J.
Yang L.
Angela P.
Tracy K.
Jenny G.
Karin V.
Camilla J.
Stephi S. M.
Kelly S.
Corrina S.
Paula T. R.
David B.
Rebecca O.
Ashleigh W.
Tammy W.
Crystal U.
Lindsey W.
Kirsten L.
Mia S.
Julie N.
Shawn B.
Abbie H.
Karen W.
Lori T.
Silvana M.
Krystal F.
Leslie I.
Kasandra B.
Cassy G.
Brittany H.
Lisa S.
Cara M.
Kimberly R.
Sharon B.
Sameera K.
Trisha S.
Melody R.
Maria Liza K.
Bonnie S.
Katty M.
Pamela C.
Lydia D.
Jade D.
Ingrid U.
Fatma M.
Channing W.
Janine P.
Jolene L.
M. J. W.
Miranda S.


Stephen C.
Lucy L.
Baili N.

And all other fans around the world with June birthdays!!!!

The lucky winners of an autographed photo of Channing Tatum are CTU Fan Club Members...

from Moberly, Missouri


from Melbourne, Florida

Thanks to everyone who submitted birthdays!!! If you would like to get a birthday shout out from CTU, you can quickly join the CTU fan club to be automatically added to the monthly Birthday Program. Each month, I will make a post recognizing the most recent fan birthdays, and at least one lucky CTU Fan Club Member on the list will win an autographed picture of Channing Tatum.

Finally, each month I also add fan club members to Chan's Top Friends on MySpace. The lucky fans this month are Michele R., Celebrity B. and Kim S..

Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to join the CTU fan club this month and make sure to add Channing's official profile to your friends on MySpace!!!

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