Monday, May 25, 2009

Check Out Channing Tatum's Very First Tweet on His Official Twitter!!!

As Channing Tatum let everyone know in a recent Teen.com interview, it's only been me (@qfromctu) posting news, photos, and videos on his official Twitter. I'm excited to tell you that today that all changed, because Chan tweeted for the very first time and let us know how he's spending his Memorial Day weekend!

Our favorite actor is going to start tweeting every now and then on Twitter, and we can thank his best friend @BrettRod for finally getting Chan into the Twitterverse and for being a military vet too.

Do me a favor and follow @BrettRod on Twitter and make sure to thank him for his service that, ironically, was a real-life inspiration for Chan's 2008 movie 'Stop-Loss'!!! :-D

Big thanks again to @BrettRod for all that you do and to all the brave soldiers who choose to serve and have served all of us in the armed forces!

Happy Memorial Day!!!

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