Monday, December 29, 2008

NEWS FLASH: More Books Released for Channing Tatum's 'G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra'

New Books Featuring Channing Tatum's Character Conrad "Duke" Hauser from 'G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra'

In a previous post, I let you all know about five new books that are going to be released for Channing Tatum's upcoming live-action film 'G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra'. 

Today, I have two more books that I found on G.I. Joe fan site Hisstank.com. Like before, the books are currently available for pre-order and also feature Channing's character in the film, Sergeant Conrad "Duke" Hauser.

Here are the links to the books on Amazon.com and descriptions that explain what they're all about:

Destro's Plan (G.I. Joe Movie - Paperback)DESTRO'S PLAN (G.I. JOE MOVIE)

While on a mission to transport a case of nuclear warheads, Duke and Ripcord's Special Forces unit is ambushed by COBRA, a secret terrorist cell. Duke soon realizes his long-lost love, the Baroness (also known as Ana) headed up the ambush, but before he can do anything, General Hawk's team of JOES shows up and sends the entire COBRA team packing.

Duke and Ripcord follow the JOES back to their base, the Pit, where they are briefed on what the JOES know. Duke insists on joining the JOES to complete the warhead transport and expose COBRA's ultimate plan to set off the warheads in four major European cities. This Level 3 Ready-to-Read story will feature the enemy of the G.I. JOE team, Destro McCullen.

Knowing Is Half the Battle! (G.I. Joe Movie - Paperback)KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE! (G.I. JOE MOVIE)

Go, JOE! The G.I. JOE team is ready for action in a brand new motion picture from Paramount Pictures and Hasbro, set to hit theaters August 7, 2009! This 64-paged paperback with poster is a kid-friendly book of survival skills.

Want to know how to talk your way out of an embarrassing situation? Or how to graduate from college when you're twelve? Or maybe you want to learn how to be the greatest ninja in the world? Members of the elite G.I. Joe and Cobra teams have all the answers to these questions, and much more. 

This survival handbook contains advice from from the good guys like Duke and Ripcord, and the bad guys like Storm Shadow and Destro, on everything that middle-grade readers would find useful. After all, knowing is half the battle!

I also have a quick trivia question for all of you. Often, movies have different names in different countries.  Can anyone tell me what 'G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra' is going to be called in France? 

If you know the answer, you can show your movie smarts and share it with the rest of the readers by leaving it as a comment on this post. Although I'm sure this will be an easy one for you all...If there is no answer posted in a couple of days, I'll post the answer.

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Blog Expert said...

This is a first that no one has gotten the answer to the trivia question. The answer is 'G.I. Joe - Le réveil du Cobra' (translation...'G.I. Joe - The Revival of Cobra'). The film premieres August 12, 2009 in France.

- Q