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CHANNING TATUM MOVIE BYTES: ‘Public Enemies’, ‘G.I. Joe’, and 'Battle in Seattle'

CHANNING TATUM MOVIE BYTES: ‘Public Enemies’, ‘G.I. Joe’, and 'Battle in Seattle'

I found a few bits of news about Channing Tatum's films 'Public Enemies‘, ‘G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, and ‘Battle in Seattle‘ this week. Check out today's Channing Tatum Movie Bytes to get the latest scoop!!!


Channing Tatum's Film 'Public Enemies' with Johnny DeppChanning Tatum, Johnny Depp, and Christian Bale's historical drama 'Public Enemies' had it's second official test screening on December 3rd, but this time is was at Regal Lloyd 10 Theater in Portland, Oregon. A couple of the attendees felt that it will be a really strong film and posted their thoughts of the screening at Aintitcool.com. Fans can CLICK HERE to read what they had to say. If you missed what movie goers had to say at the first test screening a few weeks ago, you can CLICK HERE to get caught up.

The hope was that the highly-anticipated trailer for the film would be "attached" ,as they say, to Ron Howard's new movie 'Frost/Nixon' when it had its limited release last Friday (December 5th).

'Frost/Nixon' played in both New York and Los Angeles, and trailers for 'Duplicity', 'The Wrestler', and at least one other film were shown before the movie. Sadly, the 'Public Enemies' trailer was a no-show. The word on the street is that the trailer will be shown when 'Frost/Nixon' has its wide release on December 25th, so fans should be on the lookout.

Although the trailer is being released quite early, 'Public Enemies' is not set to hit US theaters until July 1, 2009.

CLICK HERE to get the latest news on ‘G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, and ‘Battle in Seattle‘.

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