Sunday, June 15, 2008

Demand That Channing Tatum’s ’Battle in Seattle’ Be Shown in Your Town

Channing Tatum's upcoming drama 'Battle in Seattle' is set for a September 19, 2008 limited release in the US. If you would like the movie to be shown in your town, then let the film makers know through the demand poll below that they recently posted on their official site:

Once you "demand" the movie, make sure to let all of your friends know about it by posting a blog and sending out a bulletin on your MySpace, Facebook, and other social networking site profiles!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Channing!
My name is Rafaella, i'm living in Brazil and i don't writ and speak very well ingles...so...
i like u so much and you are a "wonderfull" actor...
i like so so so so much your dance!!
my contat if you want!!

roselly said...

hi, Channing!
My name is roselly i am from Phoenix just wanted to tell you that i luved u step up and stop- loss hugs and kisses from Phx Az rosellymoreno@yahoo.com you may contact me you are an insperation for me thank you for making my life a little less painful I am a cancer patient and for watching your movies motivates me to keep fighting. Thanks again. p.s. hope u read this.

Anonymous said...

this is awesome. thanks for telling us Q! :) i will add this widget on my website so the movie will be shown in japan too!!!