Thursday, February 11, 2010

CTU EXCLUSIVE: Chan and Jenna Behind-the-Scenes at Ellen Degeneres

With best friend Adam and his wife Christin, sister Paige, and wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum in tow, Channing Tatum made his first ever appearance on Ellen yesterday. Based on the hilarious photo that was released prior to the show, it was quite clear that fun was had by all at the Tuesday taping of Ellen where Chan also raised money for Haiti by giving very excited audience members hugs and kisses.

Paige, who was nice enough to take a behind-the-scenes pic of Chan and Jenna in his dressing room just for CTU, said that everyone was laughing hysterically before, during, and after the appearance and had a ton of fun at the filming. When you watch the interview below, you'll know exactly why...

Big thanks to Paige for the great pic! And make sure you tune into Chelsey Lately tonight, because Chan will be making his first appearance on that show too.

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