Wednesday, July 30, 2008

NEWS FLASH: New Release Date for Channing Tatum's 'Fighting'

Channing Tatum in 'Fighting'

Channing Tatum's underground street fighting drama 'Fighting' was initially scheduled to release on September 26, 2008. I'm now hearing from 2 different sources that the film's release date has been pushed out to some time in 2009. I also recently heard that they have possibly have been doing some re-shoots in the past few weeks in the New York area. All of which is leading me to believe that the release date push is accurate and we're going to have to wait a little longer to see the film.

In 'Fighting', Channing Tatum will play Shawn MacArthur, a New York counterfeit merchandise salesman (aka ticket scalper) whose life is changed after a chance encounter with veteran underground street-fighting coach, Harvey Boarden, played by Terrence Howard.

A few weeks back, the production had a test screening and fans can CLICK HERE to check out the glowing reviews the screeners gave Channing's performance in the film.

You can also check out an interview Channing Tatum did on the set of the film last fall:

Although we may have to wait a little longer to see Chan in 'Fighting', fans can look forward to the limited release of his film 'Battle in Seattle' on September 19, 2008 and Chan will also begin filming his romantic drama 'Dear John' in mid-September.

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NazK said...

Isnt dat jus grrreat! Those ppl reli lyk torturin us, grrr!!!

Anonymous said...

boooo:( channings too hottt in those pics i cant wait any longer >:(