Monday, July 28, 2008

IN THE PRESS: Variety Says Channing Tatum Has International Star Power

Channing Tatum at Jewelry Designer Nicole Khristine's Launch Party at Social (02/07/2007)At the major Hollywood studios, there is a small list of established actors who can guarantee that a film will be made. In the foreign market, things seem to work a little differently. The actors who are now considered bankable don't fit the normal mold, because they are newer to the industry.

Variety.com deputy editor Anne Thompson recently posted an article about the new flock of young, bankable film actors that foreign sales agents are targeting to get funding for their projects, and I'm glad to say that Channing Tatum was one of the few that made it on her short list.

Although actors like Channing may be relatively new to the scene, they have the power to get movies made in the foreign markets, because of the recognition they have earned from their shorter, but successful, list of films.

To get these projects off the ground, the foreign agents are casting up-and-coming actors with international appeal. This trend has presented a great opportunity to a slew of young actors and actresses and also means a greenlight for a lot of films that might not otherwise be made.

I keep a lot of statistics on this site, and the numbers don't lie. After almost a million visitors to Channing Tatum Unwrapped since I started the site on January 1, 2007, I know that a little more than half of Channing's fans are here in the US, but the rest of his fans hale from every other part of the globe. If that's not international appeal, I don't know what is.

I have no doubts that Chan's current and consistently growing popularity with audiences around the world will thankfully allow us fans to see him in films for many years to come.

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