Thursday, May 22, 2008

Channing Tatum Trivia Question of the Day

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If you don't know the answer, feel free to research it on this blog, online, or where ever else you can get the answer. If there is no answer in the next couple of days, I will post the answer on the blog.

Here is the question:

Channing Tatum is currently working on his latest film 'G.I. Joe' in the Czech Republic city of Prague where he is playing the role of Duke Hauser in the live-action adaptation. What was the film's original name or working title?

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terbidoodles said...

i hope i'm getting this right... Dark Sky: First Strike USA? i got that from imdb.com

Blog Expert said...

That's correct! Thanks Terb!


Lainy said...

yeah, it's Dark Sky...hehe got it in Prague :D

erin said...

lol, lainy you crack me up :P