Saturday, May 3, 2008

Channing Tatum Pictures of the Week: Fabulous Fan Photo Submission

Each week Channing Tatum Unwrapped will post one or more of our favorite pictures of the uber hot Channing Tatum.

Today's Picture of the Week was submitted by Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan Alex.

This is a photo of Channing Tatum in 2006 accepting an award at Hollywood Life Magazine's 6th Annual Breakthrough of the Year Awards.

Here's why Alex chose this photo as Picture of the Week:

This picture is extremely flattering to him. Not only because of the award in his hand, but his expression too. It really does mean a lot to him and the gratitude in his eyes and body is completely genuine and heart felt. I also like how the lighting of this pic is amplifying everything about him: his eyes, his face, his body. This is the way I want to see him more often. On a stage, with an award, and a great smile. But regardless, he'll always be a winner to me.

- Alex

Thanks for submitting the great photo, Alex! You can CLICK HERE to view a slideshow of even more photos Channing at the awards ceremony.

If you have a favorite picture from this blog, our photo gallery, a picture you have made or a picture that you have found on the net that you would like me to consider, send the picture or a link to the picture to potw@channingtatumunwrapped.com and tell me why you like it. I will post it and your explanation on the blog. If you like or don't like today's picture (for some completely insane reason), let everyone know that too by clicking on the comments link below. :-)

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Erin said...

I'm realy glad you submited this alex, had had never seen it before. The reasons why you love this picture are competely right and make me smile, and after staring at this picture for a couple of minutes i think i really like it too lol

Anonymous said...

i really love this picture of chan! i wish that this actual thing was on youtbe. wonder if it is =/ neways, good choice alex!