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CTU EXCLUSIVE: News on Channing Tatum's Upcoming Drama 'Fighting'

It was really exciting to get an update on Channing Tatum's 2009 romantic drama 'Dear John' this past week, but I have some equally exciting news about Channing's upcoming film 'Fighting' too. News you can only get here on CTU...

Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan Bernice wrote me the following email that is the basis for my excitement:

First off I want to start of by saying that I love your site! I think your doing an amazing job. I want to write you a message to let you know that I saw an advanced screening of Channing's new movie "Fighting"! He did such a great job. I also noticed that you have a photo of him from the set, your very lucky! I love love love your site! Thanks for all the updates and keeping us, all the fans up with all the news!

Sincerely ,
Bernice V.

Inside Scoop on the Screening

If you know anything about me, then you will not be surprised that I quickly put my interviewer cap on to get the goods on the screening. Bernice was nice enough to give us the inside scoop. Here's what Bernice had to say about the first official screening of 'Fighting':

Where and when did you watch the screening of Channing Tatum's movie 'Fighting'?
I saw the screening on May 7, 2008 in the city of Northridge in California at the Pacific Theater.

How did you get invited to the screening?
I went to the movies to watch "Maid of Honor", and then I noticed a man giving out free movie tickets for advanced screenings. At first, I wasn't really interested, but then out of nowhere he flipped over his clip board and I saw Channing's face on the board. So my sister and I immediately said yes and that's how it happened!

Was it a test screening? Did they ask you to give feedback about the movie afterwards?
I do believe it was a test screening, because they told the whole audience that we were the first audience in the country to watch the movie. We had to fill out the question form after the movie was over.

Did the director or any of the actors attend?
Sad to say I don't think Channing was there! I looked for him everywhere because I know sometimes the actors do attend, but there was no sign of him or anyone else. There were a bunch of directors there, but they came in once the movie had already started, so it was hard to tell who they were.

Did they mention a target release date for the film?
They didn't really mention a date of release. They just said that they were still in the process of finishing the film by editing it and changing a couple things depending on the response of the audience.

What did you think about Channing's performance and about the film in general?
I think Chan did an amazing job in this film. He really committed to his role. During the fighting scenes and throughout the film you can see his determination and his desire to win. I think he did an outstanding job in his role. We haven't seen him in a role like this until now, and I'm sure well see him in many more. He also looked very fit and well trained for the role. The film was also great. I like the story line; it was a bit original. I also like how the love story wasn't too forced or overdone. It was just right. The atmosphere in the movie was great. Overall the movie and all of the actors were amazing!

Peter, who went to a screening the next day at the same theater, had the following to say about the film:

"I saw this tonight [May 8, 2008] at a pre-screening...When I found out it was directed by the guy who did "A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints", I knew it probably wouldn't be as run of the mill as usual. I was right. The movie has some of the most "electric" fight scenes in recent memory that literally put you on the edge of your seat...The interaction between the characters is authentic and there are little idiosyncratic things added in similar to "Saints". It's a great movie that I recommend to anyone who likes Underdog stories where the fight scenes are not run of the mill and straight forward.

The movie has some of the biggest crowd reactions that I've heard, spontaneous applause wise and there were at least 5 times when that happened. And on top of that, people were reacting to every movement in certain fight scenes, it was definitely a great movie going experience, audience participation wise. There is one scene involving a famous martial artist that had the entire audience yelling and clapping - the ENTIRE audience. I've never seen people so enthused in a theater - maybe AS enthused, but never more. If they market this correctly, it could be a sleeper hit. Terrence Howard is great and Luis Guzman as well. Channing Tatum...There's one scene where he loses it that is raw power by definition.

I was part of a focus group afterwards and when asked to raise their hands if they liked the movie, all 24 people raised their hands..."

CTU On the Set of 'Fighting'

From what Bernice and Peter had to say about the film, it looks like we have yet another amazing Channing Tatum performance to look forward to when 'Fighting' has its theatrical release on September 26, 2008.

If you've been reading CTU for a while, then you already know why I'm excited about the release of this film. It's the only movie set I have ever visited, and I got to meet Channing for the first time when he invited me to spend an unforgettable day on the New York set with him and the cast and crew of 'Fighting'. I can't wait to see if the scene I watched makes it into the film. CLICK HERE if you want to read all about my day on set with Chan.

Thanks so much to Bernice for showing CTU some love and for sharing her experience with Channing's fans around the world. As always, stay tuned to Channing Tatum Unwrapped for the latest news on Chan's film 'Fighting' (and almost everything else Channing Tatum for that matter)! ;-)

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