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IN THE PRESS: Channing Tatum Featured in Entertainment Weekly and US Weekly

I wanted to let everyone know that Channing Tatum is featured in a couple of US entertainment magazines this week. Fans will find articles featuring him in the June 26/July 3, 2009 issue of Entertainment Weekly and the June 29, 2009 issue of US Weekly, both on newsstands right now.

You can read a teaser article from EW.com and the US Weekly article below. I'll post high quality scans from the Entertainment Weekly article soon. Enjoy!


Channing Tatum Featured on EW.com (June 2009)

In EW.com's "12 Stars from the EW Movie Must List" article stars Channing Tatum, Amy Adams, Megan Fox, Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Bonnie Wright, Joseph Gordo-Levitt, Zooey Deschanel, Sandra Bullock, Maya Rudolph, Justin Bartha, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Cameron Diaz tell us what's on their personal Must Lists. Here's what Chan's short interview says in EW's gallery...

Must Action Figure

AGE 29

WHY HIM In April, the Alabama native packed a punch as an underground brawler in Fighting, and he'll keep his dukes up as...well, Duke in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (in theaters Aug. 7). He also has a small role as Pretty Boy Floyd in Public Enemies (July 1).

ON HIS MUST LIST British singer Adele. ''She's got such a ridiculously soulful voice.''

I couldn't agree with him more on Adele. If memory serves me correctly, Chan actually has a close friend from highschool that produced one of the songs on her latest album, and if you haven't heard Adele's album 19, then you're really missing out. My favorite songs are "Chasing Pavements", "Melt My Heart to Stone", and "Hometown Glory". As music guru Clinton Sparks says on E!'s "The Daily Ten"...GET FAMILIAR!!!

Last but not least, if you like the photo EW used in the article, then you can click on the image below to check out some outtakes from Chan's 2009 Stephen Danelin photoshoot that were originally used when Chan covered YRB magazine earlier this year:

Channing Tatum in Stephen Danelin Photoshoot (Wallpaper)

Check this week's Entertainment Weekly to go deeper with all their Must Listers, including the scoop on their next projects and more on what makes them Must material.


Channing Tatum in US Weekly (June 29, 2009 Issue)

In US Weekly's "New Boys on the Block" article they decide which celebs should move over to make room for a brand new crop of hot A-listers. The magazine feels that Bradley Cooper is the next Vince Vaughn, Shia LaBeouf is the next Mel Gibson, Justin Bartha is the next Paul Rudd, Robert Pattinson is the next Johnny Depp, Christ Pine is the next Harrison Ford, Zac Efron is the next Leonardo DiCaprio, and Taylor Lautner is the next Keanu Reeves. And here's what they had to say about Chan...

For his breakout role as a street warrior in Fighting, Tatum, 29, trained six hours a day. "Fun stuff!" he tells US. And like fellow tough guy Willis, 54, who turned his bone crushing Die Hard role into a string of blockbusters, the Alabama native (engaged to Jenna Dewan, 28) keeps getting more action: He's next up in Public Enemies and G.I. Joe.

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