Monday, June 29, 2009

GIVING BACK: Jenna Dewan and Emmanuelle Chriqui Attend Raise Hope for Congo Event at Janes House

Jenna Dewan, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and Carla Gugino Attend the Raise Hope for the Congo Event at Janes House (June 28, 2009) (Wallpaper)

Recently, I posted new photos and video HERE and HERE of Channing Tatum's fiancee Jenna Dewan and her best friend Emmanuelle Chriqui showing their support for the Raise Hope for Congo organization.

Today, I have even more photos of the two actresses as they attend last night's Raise Hope for Congo event at Janes House in Los Angeles, California. You can check out all of the new photos below...

As I mentioned in previous posts...A deadly war is raging in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, and our insatiable demand for electronics products such as cell phones and laptops is helping drive that conflict. Eastern Congo is the most dangerous place in the world to be a woman or girl, and the sexual violence there is often fueled by militias warring over conflict minerals, the ores that produce tin, tungsten, and tantalum—the 3 Ts— that end up being used in our electronic devices.

Raise Hope for Congo is an Enough Project campaign from the Center for American Progress. While the Enough Project focuses on crises in Sudan, Chad, eastern Congo, northern Uganda, Somalia, and Zimbabwe, Raise Hope for Congo has a very specific goal of protecting and empowering Congolese women and girls.

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