Tuesday, March 10, 2009

RUMOR OR REEL?: Is Channing Tatum in the Running to Play Thor?

It seems like every few months someone mentions Channing Tatum's name as a potential cast member of an upcoming action adventure (i.e. the Captain America casting rumor) and now the movie sites are buzzing with the news of another potential comic book hero role for the highly sought-after actor.

Movie site LatinoReview reported a rumor that actor Alexander Skarsgard (vampire Eric Northman in HBO’s “True Blood”) may be one of director Kenneth Branagh’s top choices to play the title role in his 2010 action adventure film 'Thor'. This rumor is solely based on the fact that Alex was recently seen having lunch with Branagh in Beverly Hills and the two share the same agency.

What does this have to do with Channing Tatum? Well, not be outdone by LatinoReview, movie site IESB.net added to the rumor mill by confirming that they too heard the same information from their sources AND let us know that Channing Tatum is also supposedly being considered for the part of Thor and that Josh Hartnett is campaigning for the role of the villain Loki, Thor’s adopted brother and principal foe.

All of this is purely speculation at this point, so if it's a comic book hero that you're looking for, Channing Tatum fans can get their fix when Chan's 'G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra' hits theaters on August 7, 2009.

As always, stay tuned to Channing Tatum Unwrapped, because I'll make sure to keep you posted on any new casting developments.

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