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Learn More About Jenna Dewan's 'Magdalena' from MTV's Splash Page

Channing Tatum's Girlfriend Jenna Dewan Arrives at the Premiere of Columbia Pictures "Pineapple Express" at the Mann Village Theater in Los Angeles, California (July 31, 2008)In a recent CTU post we got to learn a lot about Jenna Dewan's new movie 'Magdalena', because MTV's Spash Page is having a week long series on the upcoming comic book-based film.

It's a huge role for Jenna that she's extremely excited about. In the previous post, we got a background on Jenna's heroic character and the film in general, and we learned about her sexy superhero costume.

As promised, in this post you can find the rest of the articles from MTV's Spash Page where we learn more about the cross-over and sequel potential for the film. It's exciting, because it looks like Chan isn't the only one with a possible trilogy in his future!

Fans can read the last two articles in the series and watch Jenna's video interviews below:

‘Magdalena’ Week: No Witchblade Or Other Comic Crossovers In First Movie, Says Jenna Dewan

Published by Shawn Adler on Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thanks to summer flicks like “Iron Man” and “The Incredible Hulk,” comic cross-promotion is all the rage, and it’s not just Marvel Studios who are falling over themselves to take it to the max. But one place you won’t see any comic cameos is in “Magdalena,” the upcoming adaptation starring Jenna Dewan, the actress told MTV News.

You can also CLICK HERE to watch the video.

“I think that maybe that in this first one it’s gonna be based on Patience and her arc and her story,” Dewan said. “I think if we do a second and a third that’ll definitely be an option. I’ve heard it’s possible.”

Created by Top Cow Comics, Magdalena first appeared in their series “The Darkness.” The company also owns the rights to characters such as “Witchblade,” “Tomb Raider,” “The Angelus,” among others others.

Given all that, it would seem natural to have at least some of those other characters cross-over, especially considering a) “Magdalena” producer Gale Anee Hurd also produced “The Incredible Hulk” and b) there’s a “Witchblade” movie slated for 2009.

But no, says Dewan. In fact, at best, all we might get is a mention.

“You know how when you go see a comic book movie and all the fans will know certain things when we mention somebody. When you say Sara from the ‘Witchblade’, or maybe I say ‘I fought the Darkness one night.’ Something that the fans will know,” Dewan said. “I’m not sure about appearances [though].”

As ‘Magdalena’ Week Concludes, Jenna Dewan Hints At Possible Sequel, Franchise

Published by Shawn Adler on Friday, September 5, 2008

On Tuesday, we brought you news regarding the basic plot of “Magdalena,” the new comic adaptation starring Jenna Dewan as the titular heroine. On Wednesday, we told you not get your hopes up about an ultra-revealing costume. Yesterday, we explored whether or not the film would have comic cross-overs.

If we spend this much time talking about the first movie, just imagine what we’ll do when it comes time to talk about its sequel.

You can also CLICK HERE to watch the video.

“They’re going to do more,” Dewan told MTV News of already formulating plans to turn “Magdalena” into a trilogy of films. “We’re working on that now. They intend to do at least a couple of these.”

Interestingly, perhaps, given the certainty with which Dewan talks about possible sequels, no narrative through line has yet been discussed, she indicated, meaning “Magdalena” will almost certainly come to theaters as a stand-alone story without a “Dark Knight” style ambiguous ending.

“Hopefully it’ll end on a note that’s exciting enough – I always like when I see sequels [where] when they introduce characters that cause inner conflict,” Dewan said. “[But] right now I’m so focused on making the first movie great.”

I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more about this film as they progress through the production process. Stay tuned to Channing Tatum Unwrapped for the latest news on Jenna Dewan's new film 'Magdalena'.

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