Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CTU EXCLUSIVE: Channing Tatum's 'Battle in Seattle' Creates a Ringtone Just for CTU!!!

Graphic for Channing Tatum's 'Battle in Seattle'

If you've been reading CTU for a while, then you know I LOVE to bring fans Channing Tatum goodies that you will not find anywhere else. Today's surprise is extra special, because it's a goodie we've never had before and a first for Channing all rolled into one.

As I mentioned in yesterday's information-packed post, fans can go to the 'Battle in Seattle' official site to get news on the film, send e-cards, buy ringtones and download posters, icons, and wallpapers from the film.

You can even text "BATTLE" to 59925 to get a free ringtone, but what you won't find on the site is a ringtone featuring Channing Tatum. That's where CTU comes in...

I was really excited to find out today that the film has created an exclusive Channing Tatum ringtone just for Channing Tatum Unwrapped readers. All you have to do is text "TATUM" (all caps) to 59925 to get the free ringtone, which is a line that Chan's character Johnson uses in the movie. I do want to warn you that the line's a bit racy, but you can preview the ringtone before you download it.

Every phone is different, but after I received the ringtone via email, I used a free ringtone converter to get the MP3 file to work on my phone.

I also want to remind all of the Fabulous Channing Tatum Fans in New York about the two important screenings coming to your area this week:

Graphic for Channing Tatum's 'Battle in Seattle'SEPTEMBER 19-20, 2008

» New York - The Angelika Film Center
Q & A with Acacdemy Award winner Charlize Theron, Martin Henderson and Dir. Stuart Townsend scheduled at the conclusion of Saturday's 8:00pm show along with a 10 minute intro to the 10:35pm show. [ BUY TICKETS ]

» New York - The Lincoln Plaza
Q & A with Acacdemy Award winner Charlize Theron, Martin Henderson and Dir. Stuart Townsend scheduled at the conclusion of Saturday's 5:30pm show along with a 10 minute intro to the 7:50pm show. [ BUY TICKETS ]

In addition to New York, 'Battle in Seattle' hits numerous theaters across the country this Friday, September 19, 2008. Fans can CLICK HERE to find the growing list of release dates for each of the cities that are currently on the schedule. If you're city is listed, in many cases you can go ahead and buy your tickets from Fandango.com. If your city is not on the list yet, you can demand it by clicking here.

FilmSchoolRejects.com just released a great review of the film. You can check out part of it below and CLICK HERE to read the entire thing:

"It’s a strong film that forces its way into your mind. You’re probably going to cry. There are moments that are going to leave you gasping for air and moments that leave you with your mouth wide open, jaw threatening the floor. It’s the type of movie that would leave my friend Sabrina frustrated, pissed off even, probably yelling obscenities at the screen. Even I couldn’t resist couching the film in political terms, but I can say with confidence as a Square, as someone who sees protesting generally as a waste of time and effort, that this film moved me an inch down the thousand steps it will take for me to understand my friend’s point of view. If you see that inch as minuscule but worthy or if you view it as a great distance, then you’re missing the point. Whether I was moved an inch or not was not the goal of Battle of Seattle. The goal is to move the audience mentally, emotionally and to entertain - and in that, it succeeds in miles."

'Battle in Seattle' also just released a new clip from the film. You all can check it out below:

I want to give a HUGE thanks to 'Battle in Seattle' for the awesome ringtone! I hope you all enjoy it, and go see the movie if it is showing in your area.

Once again, I've been told that BIS may have yet another surprise up their sleeves for you all, so stay tuned to Channing Tatum Unwrapped!!!

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yvonneleung said...

does the ringtone work overseas?

Blog Expert said...

I think it should work, but you should just try it to make sure.

- Q