Sunday, October 5, 2008

IN THE PRESS: Channing Tatum Chosen as One of the Top 50 Hottest Young Actors

Channing Tatum Voted #16 in The Movie Fanatics' Top 50 Hottest Young Actors

Film site TheMovie-Fanatic.com recently polled their readers to see who are the Top 50 Hottest Young Actors in Hollywood.No surprise to all of us fans here at CTU, Channing Tatum has landed on their list yet again, and has even moved up 5 spots from his previous ranking.

Here's what TheMovie-Fanatic.com has to say about the up and coming actor who is climbing the popularity charts one film at a time..

tMF Top 50 Hottest Young Actors - THE TOP 20

Top 50 status:
Ranked #21 on the previous list.

Biggest roles so far: As Young Antonio in A Guide to Recognizing your Saints, as Tyler Gage in Step Up, as Sgt. Steve Shriver in Stop-Loss.

Why he made the top 50: One of Hollywood's most exciting new talents, former model Channing Tatum is being touted to be the next 'big thing'.

"With my career in general, I feel like I’m finally getting to do the roles that I’ve always wanted to do. It’s a slow build; you can’t ever get the roles that you want in the beginning of your career because you don’t have the buzz or the heat, or whatever the hell it is you need for the agents and the studios to be happy. They want you to do a little bit at a time until you get the chance to work out and do the roles that really mean something to you."

Many were surprised by his amazing performance in Ditto Montiel's A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. But Tatum is just waiting for the right time and the right role to make people take notice.

For the record (and I'm sure this will come as no surprise to anyone here at CTU), I think Chan deserved a higher spot on the list. It would be safe to say that I'm a little biased. But I digress...

I do agree that Chan's portrayal of Antonio in 'A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints' was definitely a defining moment in his career and his upcoming roles in 2009's 'Fighting', 'Public Enemies', 'G.I. Joe', and 'Dear John' are more than likely a direct result of it.

Rest assure, the industry has already taken notice.

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NazK said...

Woohoo, GO CHAN!!

'I think Chan deserved a higher spot on the list.' << I Agree, def shud b higha.

Mehek Khan said...

Duh Channing is HOT!!! I knew that the moment I saw him...he's number one on my list...way to go Chan!!!